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Freebies, Free Sample in India –Google Pay SoundPod, Google Pay Sound Box, and How to Purchase It – In case you didn’t hear, the Reserve Bank of India has officially outlawed Paytm’s payment banking services in India. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel.
Soon, it will cease functioning as a result of an RBI order. ‘Google Pay SoundPod,’ a related sound box device, is reportedly on the way from Google Pay.
I hope that, if you have one, you have already checked that. Launching on the Google Pay app, Google Pay has its own soundbox gadget.

Google Pay SoundPod Sound Box

We have included all of the information that you need to know about Google Pay SoundPod in this article. An example of this would be how to purchase a Google Pay SoundPod or how to place a free order for a Google Pay SoundPod. In addition, we have compiled a few graphical representations of this Google Pay sound box device from various internet sources.

A power button, a menu button, and an up/down button for controlling the audio are all included on the Google Pay SoundPod. Additionally, it has a modest display. In order to proceed, the soundbox that is powered by batteries can also be connected to a power source through a charging cable.

1. The Google Pay SoundPod is a piece of audio equipment that, once a payment is made, emits an audible notification. This notification is designed to assist retailers in monitoring QR code payments.

2. To finish the payment process, customers are required to scan the QR code that is displayed by the merchant. An immediate voice notification is emitted by the Google Pay SoundPod as soon as the device successfully receives the payment, which typically takes only a few seconds.

3. It is expected that the Google Pay SoundPod would be made available to small retailers in India, which will “deliver significant ease and convenience to millions of SMBs” (small and medium-sized firms).

4. Its competitors in the country would be the pay-by-phone (UPI) businesses Paytm and PhonePe, which offer boxes to their customers.

5. According to TechCrunch, more than twenty million (two crore) Indian shops use audio notifications, and the estimated cost might range anywhere from one thousand five hundred to one thousand six hundred rupees.

Google Pay debuted SoundPod as a pilot initiative a year ago. Google Pay is offering this device to a restricted number of businesses at this time.

In order to purchase a Google Pay Soundbox device, a valid business account and business account in the Google Pay merchant app are required. At this time, Google Pay is providing this device to an exclusive group of merchants.
A one-time payment of 499 Rupees is required, following which a daily debit of 5 Rupees will be made from your settlement account for the duration of 25 days in a month. A reduction of ₹500 Rupees is achieved by setting aside ₹1499 Rupees in your settlement account for an entire year.

Service Packages:

  • For the daily plan : you pay a one-time fee of ₹499, and then ₹5 is taken out of your settlement account every day for 25 days in a month.
  • Plan for a year: ₹1499 (a savings of ₹500) is taken out of your settlement account for a year.
  • Tip: The audio notification service contract you choose from the ones above starts on the date it is activated and lasts for a year. Taxes are already included in the above service plans.
  • Tip: If you get 400 payments through GPay QR codes in a month, you will get ₹125 cash back.

If 400 GPay QR code payments are completed in a month, Google is providing a small business incentive of ₹125 guaranteed cashback.

Settlements for both daily and on-demand payments will be processed.

To qualify for cashbacks, you need to actively utilize SoundPod’s audio notification services and accept 400 GPay QR transactions or more. You can get ₹125 Rupees worth of cashbacks on a scratch card when you meet the terms mentioned above in the “offers and rewards” section.

The scratch card is only valid for 28 days. Failure to use the value within the specified period will result in the scratch card expiration:

To be eligible for the promotion, a user’s transactions cannot exceed 30 each calendar month.

When a transaction fails, it is no longer considered eligible.

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