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Hello BPCL App Blood Count CBC Test Free

An often recommended standard medical test is the Complete Blood Count (CBC). This test provides vital information on the several cell types—red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets—that make up your blood. These statistics might help your doctor identify illnesses including infections and anemia.

1. To begin, download the Hello BPCL application from the link provided:

2. Proceed to the dashboard after creating a new account with a new mobile number and an OTP verification.

3. After creating an MPIN, go the dashboard and tap the center area to select the 1-year Apollo 24×7 Circle Membership Banner.

Hello BPCL App Blood Count CBC Test Free

4. Tap the Agree button to be redirected to the Apollo website; enter your mobile number during the login process to receive a complimentary one-year Apollo Circle membership.

5. Select Lab Tests from the menu, then select the Blood Count CBC Test for ₹395 plus tax. Proceed to add the item to your Cart.

Hello BPCL App Blood Count CBC Test Free

6. Continue to Cart, add your address, and go to the payment page.

7. Select the Apply Coupon & Offers button and enter the Apollo Free Blood Count Test Coupon Code.

Hello BPCL App Blood Count CBC Test Free

8. Once you tap the Redeem Now button, your cart value will be ₹0 and your test will be booked instantaneously.

9. The consultant will arrive at your location, with the specified address, date, and time for the blood sample.

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