Sprite Joke in a Bottle Offer – Win FREE Jersey, ₹50000 MMT Vouchers

Freebies, Free Sample in India –Amazon Prime members can get a free Sprite bottle and joke in a bottle. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel.   One of the most well-known lemon and lime-flavored soft drinks in the world, Sprite, has introduced a compelling deal that is guaranteed to win over its devotees in India. Drinkers of Sprite can accrue points through a variety of actions as part of this promotion. They go up the scoreboard in ascending order as they accumulate more points. At the conclusion of the offer period, the top rankers will receive ₹50000 MMT Vouchers and a free jersey.

The entire offer operates on the Whatsapp chatbot; you will receive jokes, your rank, ways to earn, recommend friends, and more all through the Sprite Whatsapp chatbot.

Sprite 2.0 Joke in a Bottle Offer

The overarching objective of the Sprite offer, nevertheless, is to ascend the leaderboard and secure the supreme prize—a complimentary Jersey worth ₹50000 MMT Vouchers.

To improve your odds of winning the grand reward, you must accumulate the maximum number of points possible. Regular updates are made to the leaderboard, allowing you to monitor your progress and assess your position in relation to other participants. There is a limited time only for this offer, so you must begin accumulating points immediately.

1. To begin the offer, go to the following page: [T&C offering page is malfunctioning]

Here is the URL for you to join:


2. The second step is to open the Sprite Whatsapp chat box.

3. You can send a pre-written message to Sprite by following the third step.

4. Sprite will give you a joke; react to it to earn 1 point.

5. After you’ve responded, you may either click “Continue” or change the language.

6. Choose “Ways to earn points” as step six.

Sprite Free Amazon Prime Offer

7. You will receive extra points for responding to each joke. You must assert as many points as you can.

** The leaderboard is not available at this time, but it will be soon.

8. Gain more points by responding to jokes, listening to more jokes, and doing a lot more.

9. Click “My Rank” to view your ranking. (Coming Soon)

10. Take advantage of this offer to enter to win a Free Jersey and more.

Explore more jokes till you ROFL “Click on Get More Jokes”1 point per joke
Reply with Emojis on jokes1 point per joke
Invite your Friends5 points every time a friend of yours
Update your profile5 points on completion
Have an invite code?Use and get 2 points

To sum up, the Sprite Joke in a Bottle WhatsApp offer is an intriguing and distinctive method for Sprite enthusiasts to savor their preferred beverage and win thrilling incentives. Just by laughing along with jokes that the Sprite chatbot suggests to your friends, you may gain points, move up the leaderboard, and enter to win a free Free Jersey and ₹5,000 in Amazon Prime coupons. The offer makes your day more enjoyable and humorous in addition to rewarding you for taking part. So grab a bottle of Sprite and settle in to laugh out loud at the chatbot’s quips.

Offer webpage: bit.ly/3FAh61Y

T & C can be found at : bit.ly/42bgNnZ

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