Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game 2024 : Win Prizes of Upto ₹1 Crore |

Freebies, Free Sample in India –The Zomato ZPL 2024 and the Zomato Hand Cricket Game – Greetings everybody, With the return of the Indian Premier League in 2024 comes Zomato’s return of the Zomato Premium League. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel. Zomato has once again kicked off their Hand Cricket league. This Zomato ZPL hand cricket game now offers prizes of up to ₹1 crore.

In the 2024 Zomato Premium League Hand Cricket Game, victory is at hand. This time around, participants can win amazing prizes like a car worth 10 lakhs, a smartwatch, a speaker, headphones, and a phone for 80k! How can you join this game? Let’s examine it in more detail.

Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game

The Zomato Hand Cricket Game was inspired by the game Stone, Paper, and Scissors. Let’s learn more. Let’s look at Batting and Bowling. In this game, you’re randomly allocated as a batter or a bowler for each game. As a batsman, you want to score runs; as a bowler, you want to take wickets.

In Number Selection, both you and your opponent will select a number from 1 to 6. If you are the batsman and you both select the same number, you are out. If you are the bowler and both select the same number, you will take a wicket.

Runs and Wickets Each successful run scored or wicket taken counts towards your overall score in the game. As a batsman, your goal is to score as many runs as possible, whereas as a bowler, your goal is to reduce runs by taking wickets. This will all be done by hand in the Zomato Cricket Game.

Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game

At least two victories per day are required to qualify for prizes. Each day consists of five activities, providing you with numerous opportunities to accomplish this. You have the opportunity to win incredible rewards in addition to Zomato credits, including a smartwatch, speaker, earbuds, phone valued at 80,000 rupees, and a car worth 10 lakh rupees. Increasing your game winnings will increase the likelihood of obtaining these extraordinary rewards. Notably, this thrilling Zomato Hand Cricket promotion is only available until November 19th.

1. Download or update the Zomato app first.

2. After opening the app, the homepage will display the Zomato Hand Cricket Game.

Alternatively, go to Zomato’s profile and scroll down. ZPL Handball

3. Press the button. There will be a game.

Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game

4. Begin with the most basic guidelines and work your way up.

5. in every game, you’re given a different role to play: batter or bowler. Your job as a bowler is to get wickets, and your job as a batsman is to get runs.

Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game

6. Pick a number between one and six; your opponent must do the same. You are out if you and your partner pick the same number when you are batting. As the bowler, you can claim a wicket if your partner selects the identical number.

7. Your score in the game is increased with every run scored or wicket taken. As a batsman, you want to score as many runs as possible; as a bowler, you want to restrict runs as much as possible by taking wickets.

8. Win two games per day to be eligible for a daily prize of up to 500 Zomato credits. Every day, you can play a total of five games, providing you plenty of chances to do this.

Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game

9. Raise your odds of winning by playing daily.

Zomato ZPL Hand Cricket Game

10. Have fun.

Finally, for a novel approach to winning Free Credits to Use Towards Free Food and other thrilling prizes, the Zomato Hand Cricket Game is a fantastic addition to the Zomato app. This game is great for anyone seeking everyday enjoyment or who loves cricket. Get in on the action by opening the Zomato app, checking the banner, and playing to win Zomato credits, score runs, and potentially even a new automobile!

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