Realme Coins: Collect Coins & Redeem It to Get Realme Products at Loot Price

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Realme Coins are virtual currency that may be gathered to receive significant discounts on Realme products. Tasks include daily check-ins, comments on product reviews, early wake-ups, sharing the product, and many more.

You may easily redeem this at the Realme supermarket store. Complete daily chores and purchase things from Realme at loot prices using coins. Read the steps below to learn more about earning coins and redeeming them at loot prices.

Realme Products PrizesRealme Coins NeededOriginal Value
Realme Motion Activated Night Light20000 Coins + Rs.100Rs.599
Realme Hair Dryer60000 Coins + Rs.600Rs.1999
Realme Pocket Bluetooth speaker20000 + Rs.150Rs.799
Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves2000 Coins + Rs.50Rs.129
Realme Cooling Back Clip20000 + Rs.100Rs.1799
Realme Type C Hub10000 Coins + Rs.200Rs.999
Realme Cooling Neck Clip10000 Coins + Rs.100Rs.999

1. Please begin by obtaining the Realme app from the link provided.

To Download the Realme Store App,

2. The program can be downloaded from the Store webpage when you are redirected. Sign up using your mobile number and then verify it with an OTP.

3. Launch the app and navigate to the “Me” section.

Realme Coins Free

4. Click on the “Do Tasks Options” button that you’ll find there.

Realme Coins Free

5. To finish the many tasks listed here, scroll to the Tasks Page.

Realme Coins Free

6. Completing chores daily earns you free Realme Coins.

There are seven different tasks available.

  • Daily Check-In: 100 Coins
  • Get up early and check in within a short length of time [start this assignment by giving 200 coins]. – 100 coins.
  • Review: 100 Coins
  • Login: 100 Coins
  • Glance switch: 100 cents.
  • Share product – Click on the share button on the product page (from above). – 100 coins.
  • Comment – Navigate to any product review. Click on any of these reviews> Scroll down to comment on the review – 100 Coins.

Each of these tasks will reward you with 100 Realme Coins. Earn daily to accumulate the largest quantity of coins. Redeem it for free products listed below.

1. Go to the Realme Store app.

2. Go to the Me Section.

3. You will discover the Supermarket Section.

Realme Coins Free

4. It, when clicked, will display a variety of products at exorbitant prices.

5. From there, redeem it for Nearly Free Realme Products.

Realme Coins Free

6. Take pleasure in, The evidence supporting this offer is presented below.

Realme Coins Free

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