Housing – Free ₹300 Gift Voucher For Locality Review 

Freebiestore Free Sample in India-Review of Housing, Housing Locality, Review of Housing Society, and Housing Create a Review and Receive a Voucher – Greetings, readers of the freebiestore! Once again, I am here to present you with yet another fresh deal from Housing App. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel. If you post three reviews of your locality or society, Housing App will provide you with a free gift voucher worth up to ₹300.

Regarding Housing: The Housing App is all about finding your ideal house from among more than ten thousand listings!We assist you in locating flats, projects that are currently under development, choices that are ready to move in, investments, plots, villas, and primary residences.

Housing App Review and Earn: Housing App is all about sharing your experience and rating society or locality using Housing App. You will also get the opportunity to win up to ₹300 Gift Vouchers by following the instructions provided in the program. In order to receive the incentives, you will need to rate three different societies or locales.

Housing App Review Free Gift Voucher

After all three reviews have been accepted, the incentives will only be made available. A review that includes specific facts and the author’s own firsthand experience will be accepted. Within fifteen working days, a gift voucher worth up to ₹300 will be awarded to each of the three reviews that are published. Take the time to compose something truly remarkable about your societies or communities. It is necessary for you to supply your review in detail.

1. First and foremost, open the link provided in your normal browser in order to download the Housing App.

2. To begin, fill out your profile and confirm your mobile number.

3. Choose a Property from the Dashboard Once Your Profile Is Completed.

Housing App Review Free Gift Voucher

4. To find out how to win a gift voucher worth up to ₹300, scroll down to the bottom of the chosen page.

Housing App Review Free Gift Voucher

5. After that, hit the “Submit” and “Proceed” buttons to finish.

Housing App Review Free Gift Voucher

6. Get a verified gift voucher by checking all the boxes and then scrolling down to write 200 words into each one.

Housing App Review Free Gift Voucher

7. Finally, submit your review, which should be no more than 200 words long and cover all seven of the requested procedures.

8. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 twice after submitting your review by tapping the banner.

9. Reviews of no less than three different societies or localities are required in order to receive the gift certificate.

10. The time it takes to verify your reviews might range from 5 to 15 business days, depending on the number of reviews submitted during that time frame.

Housing App Review Free Gift Voucher

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