Gyftr Holi Game Loot – Win Upto ₹500 Cashback | 100% Usable on everything

Freebies, Free Sample in India –The Gym FTR Deal – Greetings, everyone, Hey there! We hope you’re having fun with our free Jio data tricks and Airtel free data tricks. Meanwhile, in honor of the “Holi” festival, here is yet another fantastic deal. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel. Playing a simple game will earn you free Gyftr points and other certificates worth ₹11,000 from Gyftr, a company that sells gift cards.

Gyftr Holi Offer 

In honor of the approaching Holi celebration, Gyftr has released the Holi game “Pop n Play.” The balloons that are displayed on your screen must be popped in order for you to win a random sum. With this game, you may easily win up to ₹500 in rewards. After playing this game, I received a $15 coupon. This voucher can be used on any gift card, including those from Flipkart and Amazon.

How to Take Part and Succeed:

1. Simply click this game link to start playing it first.
2. The game will now begin.
3. Pop a few balloons that are shown on your screen.
4. You’ll triumph with ease, so check the number now.
5. A ₹15 to ₹500 ePay coupon is up for grabs.
6. All gift cards are eligible for this offer.
7. I earned ₹15 in vouchers, which I used to buy ₹100 worth of Amazon gift cards for just ₹85.

8. Enjoy!

Gyftr Holi Offer 

For IndusInd Bank Customers, get ₹99 off on a gift voucher with 🔥 ₹1 Loot.

1. You may purchase a ₹250 Amazon voucher for ₹151 or a ₹100 Flipkart voucher for ₹1.

Amazon Gift Card: Go Here

Flipkart Gift Card: Go here

2. Just Put a Gift Card in Your Cart

3. Use the INDUSSEP99 code.

4. Proceed to Pay with Your Debit Card from IndusInd Bank.

5. The Same Card May Be Used Twice, But Only Once in a Single Gyftr Account. You must need two distinct numbers to access your GYFTR account.

I hope most of you took advantage of the offer. Here is another chance to claim free Rs. 100 points from GyFTR.

You can use the Rs.100 credit to purchase any gift voucher available on the portal. Currently, Myntra, Flipkart, and other retailers provide gift vouchers for higher denominations. You may use Gyftr Points to purchase any voucher.

You can hold this voucher because it is valid for one year.

1. To begin, please visit

2. Input your mobile number and PIN (click “Forgot PIN” if you have forgotten your PIN).

3. ‘Ganesha‘ is the default password for the Next Page Game; no further input is required.

4. At this point, choose any door.

Gyftr Ganesha Offer

5. Winnings of any kind are possible. Additionally, Any Voucher

6. You will immediately receive the voucher via SMS.

7. Gyftr points can be used to purchase vouchers directly.

8. The majority of gift vouchers are valid for one year.

** Contest valid from September 10th to the 12th; one entry per account; terms apply.

This offer has expired.

New Users Begin by Following the Below Method

1. To begin, simply navigate to the GyFTR homepage.

[Click Here]

2. Create a New Account on the Website

3. An account can be created using only a mobile number.

4. Done !! There you will find 100 GyFTR points in your wallet.

Gyftr Loot- Register & Get Free 50 GyFTR Points Worth Rs.50 | Buy Amazon/Fk

5. These Points May Be Redeemed For A Purchase

  • e-commerce vouchers – You may redeem 25% of your points for .
  • For other vouchers – you may redeem 50% of your points.

  • Free points are exclusively exclusive to newly registered users.
  • One GyFTR Pay point is worth one INR.
  • Within fifteen minutes, the points will be credited to the recipient’s GyFTR wallet.
  • Slabs consist of:
  • Up to 10,000 registering new users: Fifty Points
  • Between 10,000 and 25,000: 25 points
  • Points remain valid for a period of one year.
  • The utilization of the points is unrestricted and can be applied to any brand gift voucher that is offered on
  • The points will be deposited into the GyFTR wallet of the recipient, which can subsequently be utilized to make purchases.
  • Points cannot be transferred but may be combined with other promotions offered on the Gyftr website.
  • These points are redeemable exclusively on and not in exchange for currency.
  • Without explanation, GyFTR reserves the right to revoke any points issued to an individual.

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