The Super Giants Memory Game – Play & Win LSG merchandise, tickets and much more!

Freebies, Free Sample in India –Products by REE LSG – Greetings, everyone, The Indian Premier League 2024 is just around the corner, and the excitement in India is palpable. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel. You may play “The Super Giants Memory Game” on the Lucknow Super Giants’ Instagram feed. Free LSG swag, tickets, and more are up for grabs if you can finish this easy game!

The Super Giants Memory Game

An all-new IPL franchise has emerged: Lucknow Super Giants. Their performance in the past two IPL seasons has been commendable. A new, shorter card-matching game has just been released. Finishing the game is as simple as opening the two identical cards. After posting the link to the game on their Instagram story, LSG later withdrew it. The link, nevertheless, has been retrieved in some way.

To open the LSG game and complete it easy, read the whole post below. You have just one minute to match every single card. If you want to get free stuff, you have to finish this game in one minute.

1. Get started by clicking the following link to access the game:

2. Press the “Play now” button to begin the game.

3. Fill out your personal information (name, email, phone number, date of birth, and favorite LSG player) on the following page.

4. Select “Submit” from the menu.

5. Get ready for the memory game!

6. Quickly go over all of the cards and commit the names of the players to memory.

7. Now you can open matching cards and they will be paired.

8. Complete the task by matching all pairs in one minute!

9. The game will end at 9.

10. You will be contacted if you meet the eligibility requirements. You have the chance to win free LSG merchandise, tickets, and more!

The Super Giants Memory Game

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