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Win Free Adani Rewards Points worth Rs.200 by participating in a new activity on the Adani app. You can redeem these points for a gift card. Play the Snow Blaze Game this time for the opportunity to win 200 free rewards points. You must avoid trees while collecting gift cases in this game. You will be granted three opportunities to participate. Prior to traversing lanes, you will be awarded complimentary Adani Rewards points for collecting. These points can be redeemed for complimentary gift cards. Refer to the procedure and play to win steps listed below.

1. Download or update the Adani One app from this page to begin.

2. Register or Sign In Using Your Mobile Phone Number.

3. Confirm it and enter your information.

4. Navigate to the Snow Blaze Game section below the homepage.

5. Press “Play.”

6. Now, avoid the trees and get the gift boxes.

7. You have three chances to finish the game.

8. When you’re done with the game, you need to click on “Claim Now” to get free rewards points.

9. You can turn prize points into free coupons and other things.

10. Have fun.

Once again, Adani One is offering free reward points. Sign up now and receive 50 free rewards points that you may use totally. Redeemable Amazon Free Gift Cards are one of the fantastic Adani one point prizes. For only 20 points, you can get a Rs.10 Amazon gift card. Thus, for only 40 points, you can receive a free 20-rupiah Amazon gift card. You can earn 50 Adani One Points just for signing up, which you can then redeem for free Amazon gift cards. Get an Amazon gift card for free when you redeem Adani One reward points by following the steps outlined here.

1. Please follow the link below to download the app and create an account.

2. Just plug in your number and log in using your one-time password.

3. Accumulate 50 Adani Reward Points at no cost when you sign up.

4. Now, navigate to the More area from the homepage.

5. Press the “Adani Reward Points” button.

6. Select Catalogue.

7. Find the Amazon Gift Card link down below. Press that button.

8. Twenty Adani One Reward Points are equal to one Rs.10 gift card.

9. To receive the gift card, please provide your email and phone number.

10. Input your one-time password (OTP) and click on Confirm Payment.

11. Done! At 20 points, you’ll receive a free Rs.10 gift card.

12. Two Rs.10 gift cards can be redeemed for 40 points.

13. Have fun.

The following offer has expired.

In preparation for Dusshera, Adani One App has released a new game. Arrows of good is the name of the game. You must hit Raavan’s stomach to deplete his health bar. The time limit for the game is fifteen seconds. You will only have three opportunities to complete the game. A player can win 300 free Adani One Rewards points only for finishing the game.

1. To begin, go to this link to download or update the Adani One app.

2. Use your mobile number to log in or create an account.

3. Make sure it’s accurate and fill out the form.

4. Locate the Arrows of Good Game link on the homepage and click on it.

5. To begin, select the Play button.

6. Currently, you should aim for Raavan’s stomach. 15 seconds will be allotted to you to play.

7. There will be three opportunities for you to finish the game.

8. If you have finished the game, you are required to select the Claim Now option in order to receive free rewards points.

9. You have the ability to exchange your rewards points for free coupons and other gifts.

10. Have fun.

This Offer Is No Longer Available

An offer has been made available by the Adani App that enables users to earn 500 Reward Points, which is equivalent to 500 Rupees, merely by participating in a game that is enjoyable. This article will provide you with all the information you require to successfully collect your free incentives of 500 Rupees on the Adani app.

Because these points have an excessive amount of time left before they expire, you can just collect them for the time being and wait for the time to spend them when you require them. In order to obtain free rewards in the amount of Rs. 500 in Adani Wallet, please follow the procedures below.

1. First and foremost, you can get the Adani One app from this link and update it.

2. Using your mobile number, you can either log in or sign up.

3. Please verify it and fill out your information.

4. From the top of the homepage, select Chak De India and navigate to it. To commemorate our nation’s Independence Day, tap here.

5. Click on the Tap to Hoist button now.

6. To play the game, scroll down below.

7. An archery game called Just Pop out Tricolor Balloons is being played here.

8. To win rewards points, you must pop out fifty balloons within the allotted period.

9. Complete the game and then click the “Redeem now” button. [It would be]

10. That’s it. You are going to receive 500 Rewards Points, which are equivalent to Rs. 500 and can be used only on Adani One App Services.

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