Parle Hide & Seek Offer – Win Free Assured Rs.10 Cashback, ₹10K Gold, Samsung Fold 5

Freebiestore Free Sample in India-Parle is currently offering free ₹6000 gold, similar to Maggi’s offer. You can receive an assured Rs.10 cashback as well as a chance to win a Samsung Fold 5, a Kalyan Jewellers E-Voucher worth Rs. 10,000, or an Amazon Pay voucher for Rs. 2000.You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel.

This offer comes from the Parle Hide & Seek the Hidden Contest. Parle is offering free Rs.10 cashback on registering with a unique code. Users can win Kalyan ₹10000 Gold gift card and a Samsung Fold 5. We have lately released the Maggi Bonanza SMS Offer, and people are already winning the ₹6000 Gold Vouchers. Please try this offer.

Parle Hide & Seek The Hidden Prizes Contest

We will also update the unique code/lot number for the Parle Hide & Seek the Hidden Prizes sweepstakes. Users simply register with a unique code, and if they are eligible, they will receive a free smartphone and cashback.

Parle Hide & Seek The Hidden Prizes Contest- How To Participate & Win Prize

Parle Hide & Seek The Hidden Prizes ContestDetails
Prizes :Assured Rs.10 Cashback, Gold Rs.10000, Amazon Pay & Samsung Fold 5
Winners :Not listed
Offer Validity :1/01/2024 to 31/03/2024
SMS Time :Anytime
Registration Link:Register Here

1. This offer is valid only on the parcel bundles that contain the mention of the offer.
2. These packs are available at nearby grocery stores.
3. Ensure the Parle Offer is displayed on the package.

4. Utilize the pack; it will contain a batch number or unique code.

5. Regarding RememberRegister using the 10-digit batch number provided here: Competition to Find the Hidden Prizes in Parle Hide & Seek

6. You will receive Rs. 10 in guaranteed cashback, and additional rewards will be awarded if you qualify.

Parle Hide & Seek The Hidden Prizes Contest

We will provide updates as soon as we discover them; subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive immediate notifications.

If you have the code, please leave a comment below; otherwise, we will refund your purchase if you are able to purchase the pack and provide the post code.

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