Mojo Box – Get 5 Products In Just ₹99

Mojo Box Free Samples

Mojo Box Loot Free Samples – Huge 21 Products Box In Just ₹209 Only

Freebies, Free Sample in India –Mojo Box Offers Free Gifts, Mojo Box Samples, Mojo Box Gifts, and Mojo Box Try Before You Buy. Mojo Box Also Offers Free Samples. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel. Hello, everyone! We consistently post a large number of free sample offers each day, and a large number of our members have already received hundreds of free samples as a result of the offers we have placed.

The well-known and long-running website known as “Mojo Box” is currently running another massive promotional event. They are providing branded samples for free or at extremely reduced costs so that customers can test them out.

Mojo Box Free Samples

What exactly is the Mojo Box?
Mojo Box is a curated subscription service that sends you a box of happiness, love, and free samples of products from some of the best businesses around.
Receive between 6 and 15 products, many of which are brand new to the industry, delivered straight to your home.

All of this comes at a terrific deal, as the MSRP of each Mojo Box is far higher than the amount that you pay us for the Service Fee.

They are currently holding a special promotion called the “2 Boxes in 1 special sale,” in which they are giving away almost twenty or more branded products for the low price of just two hundred rupees (including the cost of delivery). Because you are obtaining branded products for an almost unbeatable price, this offer qualifies as a loot deal.

MojoBox In Just ₹99 | 5 Items | Beauty box

Mojo Box Free Samples

1. Follow this link to the MojoBox $0.99 sale page.
2. Now click on the OTP, and make sure the OTP is legitimate.
3. Simply finish the transaction by clicking the “Pay now” button.

4. This everyday box can be yours for just £99, including delivery.

5. Have fun with these 5 items.

Mojo Box Loot Free Samples – How to Order the Mojo Boxes to Your address

1. To begin, please click on this link to go to the Mojobox website and then head over to the Mojobox website.

2. Your OTP will be sent to the mobile number you provide after you click the Get OTP button.

3. Fill out the registration form in its entirety, including your full name, email address, and physical address.

4. At this point, you will be on the Mojo Box Main page, where you can browse a wide variety of individualized Mojo Boxes.

5. There is a box for foodies, a box for women, a box for health and fun, a box for families, and so on.

6. Pick whatever box you like from the list (I suggest that you try the ‘New 2in1 Box Offer (New Foodies + Family Box)’), or you may make your own box instead.

7. Please fill out the next page with your shipment information.

8. When you’ve finished making your payment, your Mojo Box will be sent to the address you provided.

9. Immediately following this, five MojoCash will be deposited into your account.

Now, go back to the MojoBox website and click on the ‘Pending Feedback’ > button. Choose your own order.

Mojo Box Free Samples

Complete the form with the various things.

Instantaneously, two more MojoCash will be added to your existing balance on your account.

You do so now. Seven MojoCash

10. Following the completion of the delivery, you will be sent a comparable ‘Feedback’ form. After you have done so, you will receive an additional 5 MojoCash.

You will end up with a total of 13 MojoCash.

You are able to get 1 free Mojo Box by exchanging these 10 MojoCash for it.

Additionally, you have the ability to refer your friends, and if they place a purchase using your link, you will receive 5 MojoCash.

This ‘2 Boxes in 1 special sale’ Mojo Box includes Below Products :
1. Pears Soap – 35 gms2. Vim Dishwash Liquid – 75 ml
3. Wow Skin Science Mango Butter – 25 ml4. Cipla Maxirich Tulsi Drops – 30 ml
5. Campure Camphore Cone – 30 gms6. Naselin Coldplus Rub – 25 gms
7. Hajmola Limcola – 11 gms8. Tasty Tales (Any 1 Pack) – 115 gms
9. Cadbury Fuse Fit – 20 gms10. Himalaya Wet Wipes – (Pack of 10 Wipes)
11. Storia Coconut Water 100 % Natural – 200 ml12. Cadbury Hot Chocolate – 20 gms
13. Malkist Cheese Crackers – 23 gms14. Chef Boss Instant Food Mix (Any 1 flavour)- 175 gms
15. Azafran Organic Cold Pressed Mustard Oil16. Muscle Blaze Sparkling Protein – 250 ml
17. Weikfield Custard Powder – 25 gms18. St. Dalfour Fruit Spread – 28 gms
19. Saffola Oodles – 46 gms20. Naario Classic Muesli – 28 gms OR Naaria Jaggery Powder with chai masala – 28 gms (Any One)

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