Flipkart UPI offer : Scan & Pay Flat 50 Supercoins on 5 Txns

Freebies, Free Sample in India –Offer on Flipkart UPI – Greetings everyone! The long-awaited UPI service from Flipkart is now live. For the first five purchases, you will receive fifty supercoins at no cost. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel.  In order to redeem these incentives, you must first link your bank account with your Flipkart mobile number. Then, complete the UPI scan and Pay transaction. With just five purchases, you may earn fifty supercoins (10 supercoins per purchase) from Flipkart.

In addition, you can use Supercoins to top off your Flipkart mobile recharge account. With Supercoins, you may receive a mobile recharge of ₹50 for only ₹1. For Flipkart VIP members, every order also uses Flipkart supercoins.

Flipkart UPI offer : Scan & Pay Flat 50 Supercoins on 5 Txns

Before you can use the Flipkart UPI option in your account, you will first need to upgrade the Flipkart app from the app store. while you log in to your account and navigate to the category section, you will notice the option to scan and pay while using Flipkart.

1. To begin, simply apply the latest version of the Flipkart app from the Playstore.

2. At this point, either sign in to your existing Flipkart account or create a new one using the same cellphone number that you now use for your bank account.

3. Navigate to the Flipkart website and select the Category Section, then select Scan & Pay. Simply add a bank account. Generate a UPI ID.

4. Proceed to complete five scan-and-pay transactions.

5. The smallest amount that can be transacted is ₹100.

6. You will receive ten supercoins for each transaction that you complete.

7. To receive fifty free supercoins, you must complete five transactions.

Flipkart UPI offer : Scan & Pay Flat 50 Supercoins on 5 Txns

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