Flipkart: Register & Get Free Ayodhya Ticket

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You have the opportunity to win free flight tickets to Ayodhya from Flipkart today by simply registering for the service.

108 free flight tickets to Ayodhya are being provided by Flipkart to our older residents, who are deserving of the opportunity to pay their respects without having to spend a significant amount of money. You are required to fill out the form with all of the information. Those fortunate individuals who have won the free giveaway will be notified on a monthly basis. It is required that the primary traveler be at least sixty years old.

Flipkart Ayodhya Offer

Flipkart has also introduced a new travel service called Drashan Travel. Eighteen spiritual destinations are eligible for a discount of twenty percent. You can get a discount on Flipkart by using the code. In addition to Bodh Gaya, it encompasses the cities of Ayodhya, Madurai, Tirupati, Amritsar, Nanded, Katra, Kochi, and Shirdi. Other Ayodhya packages beginning from only Rs.17710.

Simply complete the form that may be seen below in order to obtain free Ayodhya tickets. The technique has been added in a step-by-step format. Simply by filling out the form, you will be entered into a drawing for free tickets to Ayodhya.

1. Initially, open the offer page by clicking on the link below.

The Darshan deal from Flipkart

2. After scrolling, select the “Register Now” option.

3. the form will open.

4. Fill out all of the details, including your name, age, and any other pertinent information.

5. Once the form has been filled out, submit it.

6. You should now wait and continue to check your email inbox. It is up to Flipkart to select the fortunate winners.

7. In total, 108 individuals will be provided with free tickets to travel to Ayodhya.

8. Have fun.

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