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Freebies, Free Sample in India –India’s Top Ludo Earning Apps for 2023: Hi everyone, After we released our list of the top rummy apps in India, consumers requested a list of the top Ludo earning applications. You guys can claim your Free Sample In India products from our blog and Telegram Channel. Thus, we’ve covered some of the highest-paying Ludo earning apps available in India in 2023 in this article. Every app has been tested and is operating flawlessly. We’ve also included some evidence of payment for these Ludo earning apps.

This page contains the Best & Trusted Ludo Earning Apps In India 2023. All of the Ludo Apps have been carefully validated by us, and we typically play the games and earn money with PayTM Wallets.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

By reading Best Ludo Earning Apps In India 2023, you may experience the most original Ludo game and enjoy the online party with your pals. In this post, we are always attempting to provide you with the greatest instant withdrawal working greatest Ludo Earning Apps so that you can play Ludo Games & Earn Money utilizing your device.

Learn about the greatest Ludo earning applications for making money online. These are the best Free Ludo Games and Multiplayer Ludo Games. On the Ludo Apps Platform, you can play with friends, family, children, and strangers from all over the world.

App Name
RatingsNo. of download
1. Ludo Empire₹10★★★19k+
2. LudoPE₹10★★★★10k+
3. Ludo Ninja₹10★★★★1M+
4. Ludo Supreme₹10★★★★1M+
5. Elite Ludo₹5★★★22K+
6. Ludo King₹10★★★30K+
7. Fantasy Khiladi Ludo₹5★★4.5K+
8. Aqua Ludo₹10★★★★45K+
9. Ludo Skill₹25★★21K+
 10. Ludo Sikandar₹5★★★★2K+
 11. Ace Ludo₹302K+
12. Ludo Superstar₹10★★★
 13. 4P Ludo Pro₹10
 14. Ludo League₹5★★★7K+
 15. India Ludo₹5★★19K+
16. Ludo Fantasy₹10★★★★9K+

The best way to earn money online in India is through Ludo Earning Apps, which enable users to play Ludo games online, in multiplayer games with peers, and earn an increasing amount of free PayTM Cash. While adding funds to your Wallet, the majority of the Top Ludo Earning Apps provide instant withdrawal options and the Best Ludo Apps Add Money Offers to earn additional bonuses.

This board game is played by two to four people. You can play against the computer, your friends, an online Ludo friend, or even people from other countries, and you could win Free PayTM Cash in your wallet. Play Ludo games online to make money, then make a Ludo group to meet people from all over the world while you play the best Ludo earning apps on your phone or tablet.

There are new Ludo games that you can play online. The new games have Classic mode, Quick mode, 2 vs. 2 mode, 4 vs. 4 mode, Multiplayer mode, and Magic mode. You can ask your friends to play Best Ludo Earning Apps in India. Get your friends together and play Super Ludo Apps In India live. You can play Ludo on the world’s fastest board. Strategy board games are a type of Ludo game.

If you’re looking for an additional top ludo earning app in India that offers rapid withdrawals, check out Ludo Empire. I won’t even have to explain how to win in Normal Mode, so go ahead and play that way. Play some ludo games and cash out your winnings to your PayTM or bank account.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

1. Start by getting the Ludo Empire Apk file from the provided link.

2. Start the Ludo Empire app and then tap the button labeled “Sign Up.”

3. Create a new account as a new user, enter your cellphone number and password, and input the Ludo Empire app referral code that has been sent to you in order to receive INR 20 when you sign up.

OIu8cIsR is the referral code for the Ludo Empire website.

4. If you verify your cellphone number with the upcoming one-time password, you will receive twenty Indian Rupees in your wallet.

5. Following the completion of any Ludo mode game, you will be eligible to get one free spin upon completion of the game.

6. I played in the standard mode and earned a certain sum, which I then deposited into my PayTM account.

7. The withdrawal can be made immediately in PayTM Wallet, UPI, or Bank, and I have provided proof of payment here.

8. If you suggest your friends, you will receive INR 5 for each successful referral, in addition to a 2% commission on successful referrals.

Strategic board game Ludope lets you play for real money. Ludope is a game where your knowledge, training, attention, experience, or expertise affects the outcome. Prepare to fight other Ludosters for the throne.

It is a fact that life is a game! Strangely, we enjoy playing and watching games in our daily lives. There has been a transformation in gaming since its inception, moving from playing on playgrounds and streets to using smart devices. But despite all of this change, one thing has remained constant: THE THRILL!

This gave us the idea to start a new game creation lab in the community and add some flair to the procedure. Giving gamers what they want is a characteristic that has led to the creation of Ellipticals Networks Labs because gamers are enormous in the universe. Our experiences in games are always the yardstick by which we judge them; otherwise, we develop prejudice. The laboratories at Elliptical Networks will guarantee that you have an engaging experience.

Ludo Ninja App allows you to play online at any time of day. Check the ranking and scoring statistics before registering on Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023 as Ludo Ninja Apk App. Each opportunity gives you 10 seconds to move. The game is over after there have been 24 movements. The player with the highest score wins.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

1. First and foremost, download the Ludo Ninja app from the URL provided below.

2. Install the app, and now Sign up using your phone number.

3. Enter your username and choose your preferred language.

4. Enter the provided Ludo Ninja Referral Code to receive a Rs.10 sign-up bonus.

+9180CC0VI is the Ludo Ninja App Referral Code.

5. You will immediately receive a Rs.10 Sign Up Bonus in your Wallet.

6. Go to the dashboard and press on the Plus Icon in the center.

7. Click Add Money and enter Rs.10 in the amount box.

8. Click Apply Coupon and enter WIN10 in the Coupon Code Section. You will receive an additional Rs.10 in your wallet.

9. Make your payment using whatever method you like.

10. You will receive Rs.39 in the Added Amount Section, which will allow you to play the Ludo Online Game.

11. Go to the dashboard and click on the Play Ludo Online Game Button to play a 1v1 game for Rs.10.

12. You don’t have to play a long ludo game here. Both players will have 24 chances to move. It’s pretty straightforward, and I won here.

13. You will receive Rs.17 in Winning Balance, which you may immediately send to your Wallet / Bank.

14. Enter your UPI or bank details, as well as the amount you won.

15. Your withdrawable sum will be debited instantaneously and deposited into your bank account.

16. I received my winnings in PayTM UPI here.

Playing the LUDO game in the Ludo Supreme Gold App will gain you Free PayTM Cash. I am pleased to present this new application. Ludo Supreme Gold App remains active on this New Ludo App Platform despite being ranked among the Top Ludo Earning Apps in India 2023. Participate alongside your peers or vie against millions of verified players.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

1. To begin, download the Ludo Supreme App APK from the link provided:

2. Open the Ludo Supreme app and use your Google account to sign up.

3. Open the dashboard and click on the setting icon in the upper right corner.

4. Click on the Call & Earn button in Ludo Supreme.

5. Press the button that says “Redeem a Ludo Supreme Referral Code.”

6. Enter the Ludo Supreme Gold app referral code that was given to get a Rs.10 sign-up bonus right away.

The referral code for the Ludo Supreme app is MUWZS95.

7. You’ll get a Rs.10 bonus when you sign up, which you can use on any game.

8. Now, here’s how to get ₹5 right away in PayTM:

9. Go back to your wallet and tap on “Add Money.” Then, add Rs.5 to your wallet. Use the coupon code WIN5 and pay with PayTM.

10. You will get Rs.5 for free when you win, which you can cash out, and Rs.5 when you deposit.

11. The least you can redeem in your PayTM wallet is ₹5 the first time and ₹25 the second time.

The most exciting game is elite ludo, which allows players to win real money in real time and withdraw their winnings instantly. Not only is it a dice game, but it’s also an excellent Indian online money-making and earning program. Last year, it was among the top Ludo earning apps in India. On Online Ludo Game, you won’t find any bots or imposters. Use the Instructions Provided to Begin the Elite Ludo Game.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

1. You Must First Get the Elite Ludo App by Clicking On This Link:

2. Install the Elite Ludo APK on your device and launch the game.

3. Press the “I Agree” button, and then press the “Sign Up” button.

4. For the sign-up bonus on the Elite Ludo app, step four is to input your username, cellphone number, and the referral code that was given to you.

5. The referral code for the Elite Ludo app is 25HU4OTT.

6. Next, you’ll receive an OTP to confirm your cell number.

7. Access the Dashboard to receive Rs. 5 in your wallet. In order to play the game, you must deposit at least 20 rupees (Rs.25).

8. The seventh step is to go to the wallet menu, where you can buy coins.

9. To begin playing the LUDO game, purchase 25 coins, which will give you 30 rupees in your wallet.

10. Earn Rs. 5 for Every Friend You Refer by Using the Elite Ludo App Referral Code.

11. Withdrawals can be processed instantly into your PayTM Wallet or Bank account with as little as Rs.100.

12. The Elite Ludo App Payment Proof is available here for your review.

Ludo King, which is the Ludo game that is played the most on Android smartphones all over the world, is ranked first on the list of the best Ludo games that are available for Android. The fact that this game can be played on virtually all prominent platforms, including PCs and iOS, makes it one of the few games that have this capability. Seven different designs and themes are available for you to choose from. Snakes and Ladders Games are included as an additional bonus, and it is completely free to use. Last but not least, there is a unique board that can accommodate six players that can play Ludo.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023
  1. To begin, you will need to go to the Play Store and download the Ludo King app, which is the best Ludo earning app.

2. Download Ludo King Apk, launch Ludo, and agree to the terms.

3. Click “Sign Up” and provide your username, email, mobile number, and password.

4. Use your 10 welcome bonus to play Ludo Games and win real money.

5. Promote Ludo King and earn up to 5 each referral.

The most played multiplayer real money game on Android right now in India is FK Ludo. There are more than a million and a half thousand and a half thousand active users of the FK Ludo game every day. The company that owns and runs the FK Ludo brand is Fantasy Khiladi Pvt. Ltd.

The mission of Fantasy Khiladi Ludo is to give its customers fun experiences and the chance to win ludo money. We strive to achieve this goal every day. FK Ludo is incredibly safe, blazingly quick, and user-friendly thanks to its incredible technology and attitude, making for a flawless game experience.

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo is the most popular real money Ludo gaming operator in India. We at Fantasy Khiladi Ludo endeavor to provide our users with the greatest gaming experience possible. The app known as FK Ludo was created by Achiever Cloud Solution. The FK Ludo Game is available for free download.

The Dice Game, often known as FK Ludo, is a skill-based game. An experienced management team runs FK Ludo professionally. Ludo is the name of a strategy game. FK Ludo is the most thrilling game since it not only allows you to earn money in real time but also allows for rapid withdrawals.

Aqua Ludo is an additional top-tier ludo-earning application that I will now describe. Presently, this is the most popular Ludo earning app in India, and nearly all Ludo enthusiasts are using this brand-new Ludo app on their Android devices to play the game and earn money or free PayTM cash. Aqua Ludo is the most intriguing game because it provides immediate withdrawals and the opportunity to earn money in real time. Aqua Ludo is one of India’s most ancient gaming companies.

1. To begin, download the Aqua Ludo APK App from their website or the link provided below:

2. Put Aqua Ludo APK on your phone or tablet, then open the new Ludo app and agree to the terms.

3. Click on the “Sign Up” button and enter your username, email address, phone number, and password.

The referral code for the Aqua Ludo app is 94DU5BGU.

4. 10 will be added to your account when you sign up. You can use this to play Ludo Games and win real money.

5. Tell your friends about the Aqua Ludo app, and you could get ₹25 for each one.

Here I’ll be adding Ludo Skill, another top ludo earning app. You can win real money playing LudoSkill, a brand new and engaging online ludo game. Earn money by playing against real people or your friends, and then transfer it straight to your bank account. In addition to receiving a sign-up bonus of up to ₹25, you can start earning money with the top Ludo earning apps in India by sharing your Ludo Skill referral code with your friends.

1. Get the ludo skill apk app on your mobile device. Get it by clicking the link provided below.

2. Press the “Register” button on the Ludo Skill app.

3. To Claim Your Sign-Up Bonus, Enter Your Name, Mobile Number, and the Ludo Skill App Referral Code That Was Given To You.

You can refer RI28340 to the Ludo Skill App.

4. Upon signing up, you will receive a ₹25 bonus that can be used to play Ludo games and earn actual money.

5. Spread the word about your Ludo Skill App referral code and earn up to ₹150 for every reference.

6. Allow me to present you with my personal proof of payment for my Ludo skills.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

A supplementary application, which may be downloaded from our website, is included in the attachment. You will receive a one percent commission on any purchases that your friends make through the Ludo Sokandar app if you recommend the game to them and those friends make purchases through the app.

This piece of software also includes a number of other game modes, and you have the option to play any of the game modes that it provides whenever you want to. One hundred rupees is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn using this application. You can choose to withdraw money by either a UPI or a bank transfer. Both options are available to you.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

There is no cost associated with playing the Ludo Sikandar Pro game. It is a straightforward, pleasant, user-friendly, and time-honored strategic board game that can be played offline or online with other people for the aim of collecting Coins and having fun. The game may be played with other people both offline and online. Nothing beats the classic dice game that you played when you were younger when it comes to having fun.

Ludo Ace is a multipurpose program that lets people play Ludo. Logging into the app lets you play Ludo. Just hanging out with pals and playing games may make players a lot of money. Users can deposit money easily and withdraw it to their UPI apps or bank accounts quickly.

If you refer a friend or other individual to this app through the Refer Programme, you can earn Rs.15. You can invite anyone. You will also receive a 10% commission if the person you refer recharges their account. The rate at which you add new users to the best ludo-earning software to win money will determine your revenue growth when all these criteria are considered.

PUBG, the most popular battle royale game of 2019 and 2020, is made by Tencent Games, the same firm that made Ludo Superstar. Ludo Superstar is one of the best Ludo games available for Android because of this. In an effort to stand out as much as possible, the app has chosen to have a conventional and simple design. Like in PUBG, it lets users fight against individuals from all around the world and defeat them to become the King. But only Ludo Superstar has access to Ludo Power Mode, a unique feature taken from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

  1. To begin with, download Ludo Superstar, one of the Best Ludo Earning Apps, from the Play Store.

2. After downloading and installing Ludo Superstar Apk on your phone, open the New Ludo App and accept the terms.

3. To input your username, password, email address, and mobile number, tap the Sign Up button.

4. A $10 sign-up bonus will be given to you, which you can use to play Ludo Games and earn real money.

5. Earn up to five for each referral by sharing your Ludo Superstar App Referral Code.

You must use your abilities, plan your moves, make sense of them, pay attention, and practice if you want to advance in this game. If you put in the required effort and research, you have the capacity to be the best player.

Discover the intriguing realm of Ludo. Cast your dice and prepare to have a good time! The competition’s mechanics must be made simple enough for anyone to learn how to play in no time at all. You might win actual money by competing against other genuine players.

To obtain your referral code, you must register and fill out the required information. Tell your loved ones and close acquaintances about your referral code. Earn a cash bonus for each recommendation you send that results in a sale. The world’s most prosperous cash gaming referral program. By introducing friends, you can get paid an infinite quantity of money.

The world’s most prosperous cash gaming referral program. By introducing friends, you can get paid an infinite quantity of money. In addition to playing Provably Fair games and select bonus games, our players can win a range of awards, take part in contests, and more.

Ludo is a popular and widely played board game in India. We all have pleasant recollections of playing Ludo with our families, friends, and other loved ones when we were kids. It is the most pleasurable and popular type of indoor pastime among Indians.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

Ludo League is introducing an online version of the board game Ludo with real money rewards to mobile phones for the first time in Indian history. You can now relive the thrill of playing Ludo as a child while simultaneously earning money while competing against millions of other players online from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

The Ludo league also has a diverse array of games. You can earn money by playing any of these games that interest you. When you install this app using the link provided, the Ludo League app will give each new user a sign-up bonus of 25 rupees. There are two main ways to receive your reward. The first alternative is to use UPI and a bank transfer.

Here’s another well-known earning ludo game that is the most downloaded app in India. This app has a ton of various game modes, and it also allows you to play with your friends in a separate section of the app.

Within this app, you will have the ability to create a new private room and invite only the people you want to invite. There are also numerous other features that can be installed and researched.

The minimum amount that may be withdrawn from this app is 300 rupees, which can be done via UPI or bank transfer. You can get this app by clicking on the link provided.

I’d like to tell you about some more software that can help you make money playing Ludo. You should download it. People who use this software get their money back, so you can be sure it’s real. This software has many different types of games, such as a two-player version and a social mode. It is possible to get better by working with a bot in the practice mode of this app.

Now let’s talk about the different ways you can pay. You can get your money out of it through either a UPi or a bank transfer. The URL where you can download this app is given below.

Best Ludo Earning Apps 2023

You can play Ludo against other real-time online players right now in the Ludo Fantasy game. You can also play with your family and friends to show that you are the best Ludo player in the world. The popular board game Ludo Fantasy has been changed so that it can be played live with other people. If you get Ludo Fantasy and play it on your computer, you can play with the best Ludo players in the world.

We have listed all of the Best Ludo Earning Apps In India that have been checked and are sure to work. In this post, you’ll find our picks for the best apps for making money online and in India for Ludo.

I’ve listed the Top Ludo Game Apps In India that I have personally checked out, and I’ve already received payment in both my bank account and Paytm wallet.

If you play Ludo carefully and follow the right steps, you can double your money. Here are the Top Ludo Earning Apps In India 2023. We’ll keep looking for new Ludo apps in India and add them to this page.

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